What is LPG?

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a mixture of propane & butane and are flammable hydrocarbons used as fuels in heating appliances, cooking and vehicles.

How LPG is processed

LPG is a byproduct of crude oil. It is produced during the crude oil refining process. Other byproducts include:

  1. Petrol- Used in cars
  2. Naphtha- For making chemicals
  3. Kerosene- Mainly aircraft fuel and domestic use (stoves and hurricane lamps)
  4. Diesel- Fuel for vehicles and other industrial applications
  5. Furnace Oil- Fuel for ships, power stations and boilers
  6. Bitumen- For building roads and roofs.

LPG Properties


LPG is mainly Propane (C3H8), Butane (C4H10) or a mix of Propane and Butane. Since LPG has such a simple chemical structure, it is among the cleanest of any alternative fuels.

Boiling point

LPG’s boiling point ranges from -42C to 0 ℃ depending on its mixture percentage of Propane and Butane.


The combustion of LPG produces carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapour, but sufficient air must be available. Inadequate appliance fueling or ventilation can result in the production of carbon monoxide, which can be toxic.


LPG is stored as a liquid under pressure.


LPG is colourless and oduorless at processing stage and oduor is added for safety incase there is a leak.

Ignition temperature

The temperature required to ignite LPG in the air is around 500 ℃.


Packed Gas

FUTURE GAZ is our registered LPG brand. It is available in 6Kg, 13Kg and 50Kg sizes and marketed in Kenya and Uganda, with plans to penetrate Rwanda, DRC & South Sudan.


6Kg Gas

This package is suitable for domestic use. It is very pocket-friendly and does not use up a lot of space. It is very simple in its assembly, you only need a Future Gaz cylinder, filled with our gas, a burner and a grill as illustrated below.

13Kg Gas

For you to use this package, you need a regulator, a hose pipe, and a cooker. It is recommended to the customers who need to use more than one burner/cooker at the same time. This ensures that you are able to prepare your food in the shortest time possible.

50Kg Gas

This is recommended for high-volume consumers- big homes, schools, hospitals, big offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

You do not have to invest in an expensive gas tank (bullet). 50Kg is a good solution. This package is convenient since you can have several filled at your disposal, and use them when need arises. It can also help you in tracking your usage.

Bulk Gas

We have LPG solution for bulk gas consumers. We have reliable and calibrated delivery vehicles that can supply bulk gas to your doorstep.

We supply hotels, restaurants, learning institutions, manufacturing plants, hospitals, etc.



We offer value for money.


Readily available.


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