Products and Services

A. Products

We  supply to:

  • households
  • institutions
  • hotels
  • hospitals
  • buildings
  • housing developments

Our supply has grown significantly, with the availability of our LPG in cylinders and bulk.

Future Gaz is available in ;

  • 50Kgs cylinders
  • 13Kgs cylinders
  • 6Kgs cylinders
  • and in bulk

B. Services

We offer the following services at our LPG refilling plant along the Eastern Bypass;

  • Refilling
  • Delivery
  • Bulk and cylinder storage
  • Product handling


Products and Services

We have invested in road transport assets to cater for smooth and efficient deliveries.

Products and Services

C. Hospitality

Besides supporting the Future Gaz LPG customer demands, our portfolio of contract refill (hospitality) services to other licenced LPG brands and independent oil marketers has continued to grow on the backdrop of enhanced capacity, trust and professionalism.